Our Mission and Vision

New Dimensions Soccer is an outreach program serving the St. Louis community. We began in 2005 with 4 teams playing 4 v 4 soccer, grew to 120 teams the following year, and continue to reach more children in the attempt to bring “the beautiful game” into their lives.


Utilize soccer to help develop life skills for children in underserved communities.


Offer youth in underserved communities the opportunity to play soccer by developing partnerships that will create success both on the field and in the classroom.

Belief Statement

Children living in underserved communities often lack access to quality extra-curricular activities, which help build self-esteem. We believe by applying the principles and values learned in soccer their lives are positively impacted.


  1. Building the character development of local youth;
  2. Integrating immigrants into the community through soccer; and
  3. Using sportsmanship to foster tolerance and understanding.