New Dimensions Soccer is an outreach program serving the St. Louis community.

We began in 2005 with 4 teams playing 4 v 4 soccer, grew to 120 teams the following year, and continue to reach more children and bring “the beautiful game” into their lives.

We're important on two counts:

  • multicultural, connecting with refugee, immigrant children and their families new to St. Louis from war-ravaged countries; and,

  • generative, helping to build life skills for the underserved, assimilate immigrants, and expose hometown children to cultural diversity.

New Dimensions would like to thank everyone that participated in our 2018 Saturday Morning Foot Skill sessions. We concluded this past weekend (8/25), and will update this site soon with the planned beginning of Sunday Nights at St. Mary's High School!

You can now make a secure online donation to New Dimensions Soccer! Simply click here!

Contact Us

New Dimensions Soccer
9060 Watson Road, Suite B
Crestwood, MO 63126

Tom Michler, Board President